Exhibit Spaces

Level 1 (limit 2)

A standard 8ft x 5ft booth. The Level 1 booth is the most economical way to get in front of the CombatCon audience. Includes one 6ft skirted table; two Explorer Passes; two chairs; wastebasket


Level 2 (limit 2)

Deeper space for larger displays with a single front table. The Level 2 booths measure 8ft x 9ft. Includes one 6ft skirted table; one 6ft skirted narrow side table; one Warrior Pass and one Explorer Pass; two chairs; wastebasket. *Overnight Drop Cloths IF AVAILABLE


Level 3 (limit 1)

The largest possible booth space at 14ft x 9ft or 18ft x 6ft, our Level 3 booths give the most prominent exposure at the event. Includes two 6ft skirted tables; one 6ft skirted narrow side table; two Warrior Passes; two chairs; wastebasket. *Overnight Drop Cloths IF AVAILABLE


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Exhibit Space Details

Your booth includes one 6' skirted table, two side chairs, and a wastebasket. The Level 2 booths also include a 6' narrow skirted side table, and the Level 3 booths include the 6’ narrow side table and an additional 6' skirted table.

We are not allowed to affix anything to the walls, so any signage you bring must either stand on its own or attach to your table.

Electricity- We cannot guarantee that electricity will be available at your booth. There are some wall outlets. If you require electricity, then you must purchase it through the Flamingo. Please let us know if you need information about how to do that (note: it is expensive).

Wi-Fi- There is free Wi-Fi provided by the Flamingo on the conference floor. You will need to use your room credentials to log into it and only 2 devices can be connected at a time. Please contact the hotel front desk for any assistance.

Please prioritize safety when attendees are handling sharp or otherwise dangerous items. There is a Multi-Use Space available much of the weekend for this purpose.  Do not let attendees use classroom space for handling weapons, even if that space is empty.

Please remember that CombatCon in no way assumes liability for any items left in the conference space. The best security is to take it with you at closing or to check it into Weapons Daycare overnight.

Where do I go when I arrive at the Flamingo Hotel?

Parking can be found in the self-parking garage, or there is valet service.

To get to the convention floor (3rd floor of the hotel), you can take elevators from the lobby or from your rooms. There are also escalators to the convention floor near the commercial businesses.

How do I load in/out my wares?

If you are able to, the easiest way to bring items to your assigned booth is by the same elevators or escalators you use to access the convention floor.

If you need to load in directly from your vehicle and want to use the Freight Elevator, please be advised that the Flamingo charges a fee. Please contact us at least 2 weeks prior to schedule a time. Due to the Flamingo's policies, we must work with the hotel to have an employee present and to work the elevator.

How and when do I check in at the event?

Vendors have priority check in on Thursday between 10:30am and 6pm. Please let us know your ETA if you will be checking in later than noon on Thursday.

The registration desk is shown on the attached map. You will go past several classrooms and a hallway with restrooms on your right.

You will need a photo ID with your legal first and last name.

Vendor Hours of Operation:

Thursday, July 25: Check-in and setup is from 10:30 am to 6:00pm. Please be set up by 6pm or let us know in advance if you will be unable to.

6:30pm to 11:30pm: Opening Celebrations will be in the Twilight Ballroom. Opening Celebrations will have music, games, and activities. We recommend that you plan to staff your booths during this time.

Fri, July 26, 9am to 7pm: The Vendor Area is open.

Sat, July 27, 9am to 7pm: The Vendor Area is open.

Sun, July 28, 9:30 am to 6pm: The Vendor Area is open.

How and when do I check out?

You must check out with Christopher (TB) before departure on Sunday. Vendors are expected to be open all-day Sunday. We do invite you to attend our Closing Celebration on Sunday.

It is imperative that you complete the One Time Sales Tax form and return that to TB before you leave on Sunday. You will receive this form when you check in on Thursday. It must be filled out in triplicate, and you can pay in cash or check (with checks being made out according to the instructions on the form, not to CombatCon).

What are the rules for this Tax Form?

Nevada state law mandates that any person selling items at a hotel convention must charge Nevada state sales tax. If you already do business in Nevada and have a Nevada tax ID, then do your business as usual. For everyone else, the State sales tax is 8.375% (it is printed on the forms). You may either add the tax yourself to be included in your sales prices, or you may add it to the price and inform the buyer the total.

Please note that only 1 form can be submitted per booth. If you are sharing your booth with a separate business, please let us know immediately as this will affect our mandatory reporting and tax records. We have no issue with how you run your affairs, but we need to know.

*** You must turn in two of the three sections of a completed tax form at checkout on Sunday. Please hand them to TB and pay the tax amount in cash or by check. All checks must be made out to the Department of Taxation and be in the exact amount of tax due. ***

Note: last year we had tournament participants express interest in items to help repair damaged gear. If your wares include anything of that nature, please let us know and bring it along. We're confident that you'll find happy customers for it.

On-Site Assistance:

Finally, for any assistance you may need please find Christopher Nelson (Trophy Bear). Look for him to get checked in on Thursday and especially to return your Sales Tax form on Sunday.

About COMBATCON 2024

July 25th through July 28rd, 2024

CombatCon is the only global, volunteer-led event that brings together newcomers, enthusiasts, and lifelong professionals to celebrate Western Martial Arts and HEMA in this way. Convention attendees will share knowledge across disciplines: from longsword tournaments, to professional stunt choreography, to self-defense, knife-throwing classes, bullwhip training and more. Classes are designed to serve amateurs and aficionados alike so anyone can join in the action. Special Guest instructors include veterans of the entertainment industry like David Baker, Jack Dagger, Anthony and Mary De Longis and Thomas Potter. Participants have the opportunity to learn about hundreds of topics and receive expert training directly from their heroes, all while totally immersed in an inclusive community focused on safety, learning and fun. Curious spectators are also welcome to observe and enjoy world-class fighting up close, such as the popular Saber Legion tournaments HEMA tournaments and the Time Traveler's Ball on Saturday Night.


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